Madrigal House

The Madrigal House

About The Project

The Madrigal House is WHP’s first renovation project and was made possible in part through support from the Hammer Museum’s Artist in Residency Program in 2008. The past renovation on the Madrigal House included a new walkway, fencing, porch renovation, a custom made lighting fixture and a stylish patio storage room in the backyard. The future plans include a dramatic addition to build out the front of the house, giving the Madrigals more interior space and expanded welcoming area for friends and family.

About The Family

The Madrigal family, Felix, Christina, Adriana, Noemi and Oscar have been steady supporters of WHP since its inception. Felix has guided many of our renovation projects with his decades of expertise in construction and fabrication. Living in the neighborhood for close to 30 years now, the Madrigal’s open home and willingness to collaborate have been key to the success of WHP as a whole.

About The Design Team


is a Los Angeles based furniture designer/maker raised in Tijuana, Mexico. Tanya’s work is informed by border experiences: the interconnectedness of societies, the beauty in struggle and the celebration of culture. She uses furniture as a way to translate emotions into a three dimensional objects and tell stories through color and touch. Tanya encourages users to reconsider the objects they use on a daily basis by creating work that explores an objects’ unseen aspect, such as half chairs that rely on the wall to function and whose image is only complete as its shadow is cast upon the wall.

is from Ypsilanti, Michigan and is a furniture designer & maker, sculptor, finish carpenter and home improvement expert. In addition to her formal education she has picked up a vast amount of work experience as a teacher, fabricator, contractor, and independent designer / builder of furniture and interiors. Fluent in all manner of making things, she is versatile in wood, upholstery, metal, and plastics, among others with a particular interest in unexpected materials, found objects, and sustainability. A fine artist as well as a designer, she has exhibited internationally in galleries and museums.

Plus, she’s all up in your tv set. Check her out on her current show Fix This Yard (A&E), Trading Spaces (TLC,) Blog Cabin (DIY,) Freeform Furniture (DIY,) and DIY To the Rescue (DIY & HGTV.)

was born in Brooklyn, NY and currently lives in Los Angeles where he makes furniture and sculpture. He received his BA from Vassar College where he created a multi-disciplinary liberal arts curriculum combining the study of social science research methods with philosophy and studio art practices. His experiences in industrial design, along with his work in architectural fabrication, inform his choice of salvaged wood as a primary medium.

Ed makes objects that are composed of distinct parts to encourage users and makers to evaluate and explore how things are made. By celebrating the intimate relationships between the materials that make up functional objects Ed investigates how different approaches to joinery and construction affect larger relationships between people and natural resources, and between labor and product.


Stephen Slaughter has been living, teaching and working in Los Angeles, California since 1996. After studying under Jeffery Kipnis at the Architectural Association in London, graduating with a Masters of Architecture from the Ohio State University, and working in Thom Mayne’s studio; Morphosis, Slaughter has worked in close collaboration with a number of highly respected and influential architects including Gary Bates (Space Lab), Wes Jones (Jones, Partners: Architecture) and George Yu (Design Office/George Yu Architects). His most recent endeavor; PHAT, a four man, multi-disciplinary design collaborative, he co-founded with Nathaniel Belcher, pursues exhibition work and has shown at the Studio Museum in Harlem, ArchiLab in Orleans, France, and the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.