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Your cash donation goes a long way at WHP. We leverage the skills sets of local contractors and artisans towards the improvements of the community allowing for us to make a triple investment in the neighborhood. Paying locally, growing support amongst neighbors for neighbors and broadening our base of support when we need additional skill sets. We aspire to do training workshops with each of our improvement projects. Building capacity in both the individual as well as the home.

$10 = Bag of soil
$50 = Low Flow Toilet
$75 = Edible Garden
$100 = Rain Barrels
$150 = Front Door
$250 = Training workshop
$500 = Insulated Windows
$750 = Grey Water System
$1000 = Flooring
$1500 = Children’s programming
$2000 = Artistic home facade improvements
$5000 = Solar Thermal for a home

Donate Resources

Your donations allow us to do more for more families. We’d love the materials below for projects but we are artists too, so think outside the box!

Building materialsAppliancesFurnitureToolsComputersGardening materialsArt materialsOther


A sponsorship at Watts House Project is an opportunity to partner with an internationally recognized cultural hub that has a tremendously active presence in Los Angeles. Sponsors of the WHP gain visibility among a youthful and upwardly mobile audience drawn to its cutting-edge initiatives, public programs, community building activities and arts-driven neighborhood redevelopment efforts. WHP’s beautifully designed website is a popular destination, and WHP has an impressive mailing list and continuously growing base of followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Opportunities exist at all levels: businesses, cultural institutions or organizations can sponsor a large- or small-scale housing renovation project, a volunteer day or weekend, a season of public programs or a special fundraising events. Have any creative of how you can sponsor? Let us know at [email protected]

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Volunteering at WHP means getting the opportunity to create and build in a unique community, and you’ll take away an enriching and powerful experience of great mutual benefit. Individuals, families, school and group events have all been part of volunteer activities and have been a great success. We believe that focusing on a collective task is the best way to forget about the differences that can separate us, and can offer us an opportunity to find commonality in creativity and labor.
Want to support a volunteer day and the local economy? For a reasonable fee our local resident chef, can prepare for your group some of the best home made Mexican food in town. Contact us at [email protected] Must be requested in advance.